Vaal University of Technology Application 2017/2018

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Vaal University of Technology Application 2017/2018

 Details of Vaal University  2017 Application

Details of Vaal University  2018 Application

Fees and Funding

N.B The costs indicated are estimates and are for guideline purposes only. Student can obtain the actual fees from their statement of accounts upon registration.

Vaal University of Technology Application 2017/2018, Students must take note of the increased fees and International Students note that they will be paying 100% Upfront including Residences?



1.1 The Vaal University of Technology (VUT) reserves the right to alter fees, without giving prior notice, during the course of the academic year.

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1.2 All fees are payable in full, irrespective of whether the academic programme is interrupted by factors beyond the VUT’s control, e.g. strikes, student boycotts, civil unrest, or other disruptions on campus.

1.3 The student’s liability is not affected nor reduced through ignorance on the part of the student (or his/her principle) regarding the rules and regulations of the VUT or of the invalidity of his/her registration in terms of the said rules and regulations.

1.4 No post-dated or unguaranteed cheques will be accepted for payment of fees.

1.5 No cheque presented with an alteration will be accepted by the University.

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