Tshwane North College Registration Dates

ampuses can be contacted for registration dates; fees and commencement of classes.

Tshwane North College Registration Dates

Tshwane North College Registration Dates,

General Information

Office Hours:

07:30-16:00 (Mondays to Thursdays)

07:30-13:30 (Fridays)

Registration Periods:

Campuses can be contacted for registration dates; fees and commencement of classes.

Trimester students register three times a year: T1- January; T2- April/May; T3- August/September.

Semester courses register twice a year:  January(S1) and July (S2).

Year courses National Certificate (Vocational) NC (V) register once a year in January.

Examination only/Rewrites:

Please note that a fee of R200.00 per subject is payable for all rewrites.

Registration/Pre-enrolment Dates

Campuses can be contacted for registration dates; fees and commencement of classes

NB: We encourage students to open up bank accounts to minimize the risks of carrying cash, both for the students and the college. With a bank account, a student can at least have either a debit or credit card issued in their name which they can use when paying for their tuition fees.

Documents needed: (Also see documents needed for DHET Bursary application)

All students must submit or have the following available upon registration:

  • A certified copy of the latest school report/Senior Certificate/Statement of results/Highest Certificate
  • A certified copy of the identity document/affidavit and photograph in case of lost/no identity document/birth certificate./li>
  • All necessary fees.
  • Proof of residential address not older than 3 months and relevant contact details.
  • Preferably accompanied by a parent/guardian if under 18.

Foreign Students:

Foreign students must have their certificates evaluated by SAQA.

They must have a valid study permit until the end of the relevant study period.

Certificates can be evaluated by SAQA:  Postnet Suite 248 Private Bag x06, Waterkloof 0145 or visit their website www.saqa.org.za

Course Fees

Tshwane North College prescribes course (study) fees prior to be beginning of each Academic year.

Methods of Fees Payment:

Students who do not qualify for a bursary or do not apply for a bursary must pay at least 40% of the tuition fees upon registration or else as per specific programme requirements (e.g. Cosmetology, Confectionery baking etc.).

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Students who do qualify for a bursar/who did not apply for a bursary can enter into a settlement agreement with the College.

Settlement of balance of outstanding fees:

Please note: The following is applicable for students that did not qualify/did not apply for bursary:

  • Engineering Studies N1-N6 40% deposit payable upon registration. The last instalment is payable at the end of the first month after registration per trimester.
  • National Certificate (Vocational) NC (V) 40% deposit payable upon registration. The last instalment is payable at the end of September.
  • Intro N4, N4-N6 Business Studies-40% deposit payable upon registration. First semester – Last instalment is payable at the end of April. Second semester: – last instilment is payable at the end of September.

For students whose parents or guardians are not able to pay the 40% of the programme fee upon registration, the parents/guardians have to personally arrangements with the Campus Manager.


The following methods of payments are being used:

  • Direct bank deposits
  • Bank guaranteed cheques
  • Electronic funds transfer (EFT)
  • Points of sales-swiping credit/debit card.


Cancellation of a programme/course or subjects (Students who are not NSFAS bursary beneficiaries) Prorata Payment:

Request for cancellation of subjects must be done in writing to the relevant HOD by the student, accompanied by an application letter by the student or employer of the student. Employed students who received a bursary from the employer must provide a letter from the employer on a printed company letter head. The cancellation form must be submitted to the HOD within the stipulated date on the cancelation grid to avoid any penalisation of payment of class fees. Failing to do this, the student will be penalised according to the cancellation grid of the tuition fees. Textbooks, protection clothing and equipment are not returnable or refundable).
Cancellation of a programme or subject is subjected to the recommendation of the HOD and the approval of the Campus Manager.

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Typical reasons for cancellation can include:

  • When a student parents is relocated to another province, evidence must be provided
  • When the particular programme is no longer offered by the Colleges
  • Death of a student (a copy of the Death Certificate must accompany the request).
  • On finding employment (a letter of appointment printed on a company letterhead must
    accompany the request).
  • If as results of illness, provided that such inability to continue with classes is confirmed by a
    medical report from a doctor.
  • Releasing of late or pending results (results must be attached as proof).
  • If cancellation is not done in writing, the student, parent, guardian or employer will remain
    accountable for the total amount outstanding.

Students wishing to cancel a programme or subject needs to follow the standard cancellation processes as set out by the Admission policy of the College. DHET NSFAS beneficiaries should consult first with College Federal Aid Manager before considering cancellation to establish how this decision will affect awarded bursary

Please note: Once you have enrolled for an NC (V) Level you have to complete the selected programme. You will not be allowed to move to another course such as NATED.

The following Modes of Delivery are offered:

  1. Full Time Mode: All NATED (Report 191 ) Programmes

Full time classes will be offered to students to enrol for all four subjects (new students) or a minimum of three subjects for students who progress to the next level. If a student failed one or two subjects, he/she may enrol for the subject/s on a full time mode with a pre-requisite year mark and exam mark.

  1. Saturday Mode of Delivery to employed people only (not distance)

This mode is offered to employed students on Saturdays. This mode of delivery does not allow for the same number of contact sessions as its full-time equivalent. Proof of employment must be provided.

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The following courses will be offered on Saturdays.

Business studies:

  • Business Management
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resources Management
  • Legal Secretary
  • Management Assistant
  • Marketing Management
  • Public Management
  • Public Relations

Engineering Studies

  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

Contact Sessions:

Theory classes – 6 contact sessions.

Practical classes- 10 contact sessions.

Duration of Classes:

Saturdays from 08:00-14:00

Class fees: Business Studies (Saturday classes)

Theoretical subjects: (non- computer subjects) R875.00 per subject.

Computer subjects: R1 175.00 per subject.

Class fees: Engineering Studies (Saturday Classes)

R850.00 per subject

Please note: Students also have to buy their own text books.

Please note:  National Certificates (Vocational) programmes will not be offered.

Please note:  Art and Design, Hospitality, Clothing Production and Tourism will be not offered.

  1. Examination Only Mode of Delivery (ONLY FOR THEORY SUBJECTS) R200.00 per subject

Enrolment period:  with every Semester and Trimester

Examination only is only applicable for enrolled Tshwane North TVET College students who didn’t pass one or two subjects during the previous examination but received a percentage between 30% and 39% for the subject and has a valid year mark.

By registering for Exam only students will prepare on their own. This mode of delivery is for students who are confident that they can pass without the guidance and assistance of a lecturer. Enrolment for this mode will be done on respective campuses.

  1. Supplementary examination

Supplementary examination (Only for NCV) Enrolment Jan – of every Academic year

Students that want to enrol for supplementary examination must do so at their respective campuses. All NC (V) level 2, 3 and 4 students are eligible to enrol for Supplementary examinations in their respective selected failed subjects.

It is still the responsibility of these candidates to enrol for the November examination before the stipulated enrolment date. Fees R200.00 per subject.


Campus Course Level Course Type