Thekwini college nsfas

Thekwini college nsfas

 Bursary documentation

Enrollment at Thekwini College will start on Monday 11 January 2016. Below is the Required Documentation for students that need Financial Aid



1 NCV/ Report 191  Course registered for 6 Salary and/or other income information
2 Personal details (including contact numbers, e-mail address, etc.) 7 Details of next kin (parent/s or legal guardian/s)
3 Applicant’s current address 8 Parents or guardian’s salary information
4 Applicant’s address while studying 9 Number of family members in the household
5 Postal address 10 Number of students in the household


  • Supporting documents as per Bursary application form. The following supporting documents should be attached.
  • Please tick the applicable block for documents submitted, should you fail to give any of the mentioned documents your application WILL NOT be processed.
  • Please note that the amount requested on the application form may not be the amount allocated to you.


No. Supporting documents to be submitted Student Officer
1 (i) NCV Programmes     –   Two (02) certified copies of student(applicant’s ) ID(ii)  Report 191 Programmes (Semester Courses)  –  Three (03) Certified copies of student’s ID

(iii)  Report 191 Programmes (Trimester Course) –   Four (04)  certified copies of student’s ID

2 Certified copy of parent/guardian latest payslip (salary advice) or sworn affidavits from parent/s or guardian in the event that they are unemployed
3 Certified copy of parent (s) or guardian ‘ ID or proof of death (death certificate/s) if parent/s are deceased
4 Affidavit signed by parent/guardian not student in case of a single or the where-aboutof the other parents is not unknown
5 Certified copy of siblings’ ( brother’s/s & sister’ s/s’) Identity Documents
6 Proof of residential address ( e.g. water , electricity, telephone or any account)  not older than three months
7 Proof of physical challenge / disability ( if applicable)
8 Proof of mode of transport or sworn affidavit
9 Proof of accommodation from the landlord or sworn affidavit by the landlord(if renting/boarding)
10 Latest statement of results ( e.g. grade 11; grade 12; N4 ; N5 must be certified)
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