Qualitas Career Academy George

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Qualitas Career Academy George

Garden Route (George) [Closed]

This campus will not take new students in 2016.

We are sill attending to emails on the campus email address.
If there are any queries regarding re-exams, certificates, results, and you have not already received info, please contact us.
ICB students who wish to further their studies can contact us for a referral to an alternative provider in George.

Qualitas head office keeps full records of students, results, certificates and will always be available for queries and assistance to our alumni.



Tel.: 044 873 5789

Email: GardenRoute@Qualitasworld.co.za

87 Meade Street


Qualitas George

By putting the words “Career Academy” in our name, we remind ourselves every day why we exist. Every effort we make in the field of education is driven by our understanding of why people study in the first place; to find work, or improve their career prospects.

The more employment prospects one has, the higher salary one can expect.

We are a college, a tertiary institution – yet our goal is not simply the certificates or diplomas we issue at graduation ceremonies.  It’s much more than that.

Employment in South Africa

In South Africa, the fear of unemployment grips every South African. Even those with jobs fear the day that they will lose them. The South African national employment statistics may even discourage some people from looking for work.

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Even those who are employed, fear looking for something better because they fear that they might fail.

And so – people remain in their situations forever, boxed in by a fear of failure or lack of confidence that life can get better.

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