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North West University Department Of Psychology, Psychology is about life in our modern world. It is known to be the study of all observable behaviours and even some less observable aspects of behaviour, such as what we think, feel, believe to be true for us and what motivates us.

This specific subject looks at our development through all the seasons of human life, from conception until death. Thus, psychology is a science that studies behaviour and the physical and thinking processes that underlie it. As a profession psychologists apply the accumulated knowledge of the science in order to help people deal with the practical problems or issues on a daily basis.

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Psychology considered to be a professional discipline:
The completion of a master’s degree in Psychology and an internship qualify a person to register with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. A degree in psychology has the potential for various career options, but appropriate skills and experience are key when embarking on a particular career.

Volunteering, internships, part-time jobs and student projects can help increase confidence and improve skills in communication, organising workloads, using initiative, working collaboratively, conducting research, project management, and working to timescales.

It is also important to make speculative approaches, especially to employers whose business is in the line of work that you are considering. Related work experience always helps to increase knowledge of the sector and can help you establish important contacts.
Careers opportunities: Health care institutions,  schools and educational settings, Academia
Marketing management, Clinical/counselling psychologist, research, private practice/consultant

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Contact details: Dr Hayley Williams on +27 (0) 16 910 3416 during office hours.