Healing Hands International

Healing Hands International

Healing Hands International

In 1991, Dr. Randy Steger, marketing professor at Lipscomb University, presented a proposal to his students to do a different type of project for the end of the semester. He suggested they seek to meet the mounting needs for medical supplies and equipment in the former Soviet Union and other Eastern European nations. This humanitarian work would utilize the energy and abilities of the students to make a significant difference in the lives of others and the class was ready for the challenge.

They determined to secure three to four suitcases filled with medical supplies and equipment to send overseas with missionaries. They ended up being quite successful. Lipscomb finally had to ask them to leave campus because the donated supplies were taking over the auditorium! The day they packed up to leave campus they were able to fill two tractor trailers with all of the donated items.

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Through this urgent need for humanitarian relief the students organized the Healing Hands ministry, which was later incorporated as Healing Hands International in 1993. Since acquiring a 501c3 status in 1996, the Lord has truly blessed this work and HHI has been able to ship to more than 75 countries.


The need has been established. The pipeline of resources has been tapped. What was once an idea has become a tool to provide aid to people suffering throughout the world. Most importantly, this ministry has proven to be an excellent way to give glory to God and bring recognition to the local church.

Our Mission: Healing Hands International

The mission of Healing Hands International is to extend the love of Jesus Christ to a lost and hurting world, allowing God to use our hands to carry out His healing work. We recognize the value of every life and the contribution that each person can make to mankind. Our goal is to empower individuals to improve the quality of life for their families and their communities.

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Christ-centered We do everything because of our faith in Christ, imitating His compassion for the hurting and broken, and sharing the hope that we have in Him.
Life We believe in the value of all life and seek to improve the lives of everyone regardless of religion, gender, age, or race.
Empowering We empower people to sustain a better quality of life for their families and communities, equipping them with the tools necessary to improve all aspects of their lives.
Strategic We strategically use the resources entrusted to us in ways that make the greatest impact, using innovative methods and working through a world-wide network of churches of Christ to ensure that help reaches the people who need it most.
Engaging We engage people by providing opportunities to share their time, talent, and resources with those who are in need.
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OUR WORK: Healing Hands International

Clean Water Projects.

Fighting Hunger.

M.A.G.I Project.

Women of Hope.

Medical Aid.


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