CPUT Blackboard

CPUT Blackboard

First-years will be trained to work with the Learner Management System (LMS) system, commonly known as Myclassroom.

Facilitated by the Centre for e-Learning, the LMS provides students and lecturers with a wide variety of online tools and applications on one integrated platform for teaching and learning.

Students can expect to complete online test and assignments via Myclassroom. Other exciting tools include discussion forums, online group work forums, blogs and journals.

Myclassroom is a safe learning environment, providing students with the option to integrate their social media environments. Students then have the option to filter information and set privacy settings to make a clear distinction between their personal and academic profiles.

In addition to Myclassroom, different departments are also integrating technology into the learning environment.

For example, some students can look forward to working with tablets and apps, while others will have access to video recordings and podcasts of lectures.

Myclassroom can be accessed at http://myclassroom.cput.ac.za.

CPUT MyClassroom is going mobile

CPUT students and lecturers now have free access to the mobile MyClassroom/Blackboard app. The Blackboard app is a simple and easy to use, mobile learning app for the on the go, goal-oriented learner and lecturer. Designed specifically for students and lecturers the app is your one stop-shop for announcements, content, communication and even assignments and assessments.

The lecturers’ app is called ‘Instructor’ while the students’ app is called ‘Blackboard’.

Providing easy and ubiquitous access to educational content and other learning activities is a prime objective of the Centre for Innovative Educational Technology (CIET). “We will explore opportunities to allow all students access. Mobile data cost remains a problem in South Africa, but in the Western Cape we have many initiatives by the provincial government and even private network providers to create free WiFi access. CPUT took these ‘anytime and everywhere’ access opportunities into consideration when we looked into the provision of a dedicated educational mobile application” says Sakkie Smit, Director of the Centre.

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Sisekelwe Bokolo and Asiphe Mgedezi are 2nd year Real estate students and have recently downloaded the Blackboard app. “I live in the res and have no laptop. Before the app I had to go to a computer lab. Now I can access all my emails and contents from my room. I even did my revision test through the app,” says Sisekelwe.

Asiphe adds that the app uses very little data: “You don’t have to go to an internet cafe. It’s cheaper and easier to access than the website.  I even do my assignments on the phone now and submit it through my app. We like it very much.”

The app is available on the Google App store both for Android and IOS devices.

When you first login, please type in Cape Peninsula University of Technology as your institution. Your user name and password are the same as your usual web login.

Teaching staff can contact the CIET team for more information on how to redesign their courses for mobile learning. See the CIET website at http://www.cput.ac.za/services/ciet for contact details.

HOW TO LOGIN – CPUT Blackboard

+\- 24-48 hours after you have Registered and have a 2015 student card, you should be able to log into the Windows Desktop.

Your Username or Login name is your Student number.

Your 1st password is displayed on a letter issued when your student card was printed (CPUT Student Card Acceptance guidelines)

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(NOTE!! Your password must be changed when you first login).


Upon successful login to the Computer, select Yes to change your password

New passwords must meet the following minimum requirements:

oBe at least eight characters in length

oNot contain the user’s account name or parts of the user’s full name that exceed two consecutive characters

oContain characters from three of the following four categories:

English uppercase characters (A through Z)

English lowercase characters (a through z)

Base 10 digits (0 through 9)

Non-alphabetic characters (for example, !, $, #, %)

To change it manually, in Windows, simply press the CTRL+ALT+DEL buttons (simultaneously) and select the option Change Password.

(NOTE!! Old password means your current password)

You cannot use the exact same password again, but if you want to, just add a number digit at the end and change that number every time.

Check your Email for Password change reminders.

Your password will synchronize for access to E-mail, E-Learning, Internet Access and OPA

Please DO NOT give your password to anyone!!!

If you suspect unauthorized use of your password, please change it immediately

Please note that your password will EXPIRE after 90 days and must be changed to a new unique password.



The password reset facility enable students to change their network passwords themselves once registered.

Students need to have the following available to register for this service:

oID or Passport number

oStudent card

oA mobile phone (a PIN will be sent to the phone that will enable you to change your password when a reset is required)

First register at the following URL: https://pwdregistration.cput.ac.za/ before making use of the reset facility.

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Once you have registered you can reset your password by following these steps:

oGo to the Password Reset URL (https://pwdreset.cput.ac.za)

oVerify your identity

oEnter the PIN that was send to you via SMSEnter your new password

To access your student email account, click on the student email link on www.cput.ac.za or go to https://outlook.com/mycput.ac.za

Your Username is your email address e.g. 212126547@mycput.ac.za

Please enter your new Windows password as changed above.


To View your Internet and printing balances, access OPA via www.cput.ac.za or go to http://opa.cput.ac.za

Click on the Login tab and enter your student number as Username and then enter your new Windows password

All CPUT students will be allowed a base internet usage limit of 50Mbytes per month

Additional allowances will be issued depending on the student’s level of study.

See table below

Student category


Bandwidth rate


Bandwidth Rate


during Normal

Rate afterhours


In Rands

hours (7am –

(5pm – 9pm)

(9pm – 7am)


Diploma level


R0.40 per

10c per MByte

2c per MByte







To check your Uniflow Printing Balance, go to

Click on Logon and enter Username and Password.

Username is your Student Number and the password is your new Windows password