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Walter Sisulu University Tuition Fee 2017

Walter Sisulu University Tuition Fee 2017 For Walter Sisulu University Tuition Fee 2017, CONTACT US For more information, contact our campus on: Butterworth, Telephone 047 401 6000 Mthatha Nelson Mandela Drive, Telephone 047 502 2443/8 Zamukulungisa Heights, Telephone 047 501 1404 Buffalo City Potsdam, Telephone 043 708 5200 College Street, Telephone 043 708 5200 Chiselhurst, Telephone 043 709 4000 Queenstown, Telephone 040 842 6806

Analytical chemistry students share aspirations

A quartet of ambitious analytical chemistry students studying at BCC’s Potsdam Site have laid bare their dreams and aspirations to change lives of the poor and ordinary through science. The four, who’re at the back-end of their six-month practical training (as per curriculum requirements) in pursuit of ascending the stage to receive their due honours…