Bocodol Degree Programs

By | July 5, 2016

Bocodol Degree Programs


1. Bachelor of Commerce
(Human Resources and Industrial Relations)

The duration of the programme is 48 months (4years).The programme is offered in partnership and quality assured by the Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU).The programme is currently only offered by the Francistown and Gaborone Regional Centres

Entry Requirements
At least five (5) passes at BGCSE or equivalent with a grade C or a better in both English and Mathematics OR
i. A certificate or Diploma in Human Resources Management.

Course Title                      Year 1 – Semester 1
ACCT 102 Financial Accounting
ECON 101 Principles of Economics
MGT 102 Business Management
CSC 101 Communication and Scholarship
Semester 2
HRM 202 Human Resources Management
COMP 102 Management Information Systems
MKT 200 Principles of Marketing
LAW 101 Business Law 1
Year 2 – Semester 3
LAW 201 Business Law 2
STAT 102 Business Statistics
LIR 101 Introduction to Industrial and Labour Relations
ECON 204 Labour Economics
Semester 4
LAW 207 Labour Law
MGT 101 Management and Organisational Behaviour
HRM 303 Leadership in Organisations
LIR 201 Collective Bargaining
Year 3 – Semester 5
HRM 301 Training and Development
LIR 303 Negotiation in Conflict Management
LIR 102 Introduction to Industrial Psychology
HRM 302 Public Relations and Customer Care
Semester 6
RESM 401 Research Methods
ECON 306 Corporate Governance
HRM 304 Organisational Change and Development
Year 3 – Semester 5
DISS 402 Research Project
Total Credits
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2. Bachelor of Business and Entrepreneurship (BBE)

The duration of the programme is 48 months (4 years).

Entry Requirements
i.    At least five(5)passes at BGCSE or equivalent with a Grade C or better in both English and Mathematics
ii.    At least five at BGCSE and a certificate, preferably in Human Resources Management or any other business related course/Programme completed from a recognized institution.

Semester 1 Semester 3 Semester 5
Introduction To Entrepreneurship Business Communications Business Research
Principles Of Marketing Principles Of Management Team Management
The Business Environment Organizational Behaviour Strategic Planning
Business Management Accounting Financial Management
Semester 2
Semester 4
Semester 6
Introduction To Accounting Risk Management Business Law
Introduction To Computers Human Resource Management Projects Management
Business Plan Development Business Information Systems Mentoring, Coaching & Consulting
Semester 7
Research Project
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3. Bachelor of Business Administration (leadership and Change Management)- BBA-LCM

The BBA – LCM is an applied and tiered bachelor’s programme offered at three levels, described as entry and exit points. The programme of study is broken down as follows:

Level 1: Certificate in Business Administration (Cert BA–LCM)

Level 2: Diploma in Business Administration (Dip BA–LCM)

Level 3: Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA–LCM)

Duration of Programme

The programme shall be conducted in semesters.

There will be two semesters in one calendar year. The minimum duration for the programme shall be three and a half years (seven semesters). The maximum period shall be eight years (sixteen semesters).

Entry Qualifications

To be admitted to the programme, the candidate must have satisfied the minimum conditions for entry outlined below

i. At least five (5) passes at BGCSE or equivalent with a Grade C or better in both English and Mathematics.


ii. At least five (5) passes at BGCSE and a certificate, preferably in a Business Studies related course completed from a recognised institution.

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Course Content


1 LCME 101 Leadership, change management and entrepreneurship: Evolving notions
BC 102 Business Communications
OB 103 Organisational Behaviour
LO 104 Leadership in Organisations
2 LCM 105 Leadership and Change Models
PM106  Principles of Management
ILCM 107 Implementing leadership and change management
RP 108 Research Project


3 LCMS 201 Leadership and Change Management Styles
TM 202 Team Management
PAD 203 Power, Authority, and Decision-making
RM 204 Risk Management
4 BIS 205 Business Information Systems
LMBSC 206 Leading and Managing with the Balanced Score Card
AELCI 207 Assessment and Evaluation of Leadership and Change Management Initiatives
RP 208 Research Project


5 BBC 301 Building Buy-in to Change
MCC 302 Mentoring, Coaching, and Consulting
BRF 303 Building Resiliency and Flexibility
RD 304 Research and Development
6 LSM 305 Leadership and Social Marketing
LCPM 306 Leadership, Change, and Project Management
FCBE 307 Facets of change in the Botswana Environment


7 D401 Dissertation