Auckland Park Theological Seminary

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Auckland Park Theological Seminary

Auckland Park Theological Seminary (“ATS”, for short) is a non-profit organisation (“NPO”) with Public Benefit Organisation (“PBO”) status and is engaged in theological training and education.

ATS is structured around and divided into three departments.

1. Vocational certificate programmes

These certificate programmes are vocation specific and cannot, therefore, be registered with SAQA. They are as follows:

  • Community Worker’s Certificate (CWC) Popular
  • Christian Counselling Certificate (CCC)
  • Women in Ministry (WIM)
  • Youth Work Certificate (YWC)
  • Youth Work Advanced Certificate (YWA)

2. Administration

  • Principal’s office
  • Registrar
  • Finances
  • Higher-education programmes
  • Vocational certificate programmes

3. Library

  • Printed media
  • Electronic media
  • Computer centre
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Dr Möller (senior – father of the present vice-principal of ATS) started a correspondence course on Homiletics (the art of preaching).


The correspondence course was expanded and accepted as an official correspondence course of the AFM Church.


March: Students wrote the first official exams and the first diplomas were awarded to successful students that year.


The AFM Church Council decided that studies at the Bible College were now compulsory for all applicants for full-time ministry in the AFM Church.