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31 May : Faculty of Engineering, Analytical Chemistry
30 September : All other courses.
Mangosuthu University of Technology (MUT) is situated on the outskirts of Durban and overlooks the beautiful Indian Ocean. University education is tertiary education that provides students with career oriented skills through a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the work place.MUT co-operates closely with commerce and industry to ensure that the curriculum of a particular qualification is completely relevant to the chosen field and that the qualification is market related.Theoretical studies as well as a period of in-service training form part of the programme. Graduates enter the workplace equipped with the essential knowledge, range of abilities and practical experience relevant to their chosen careers.
The qualifications of Mangosuthu University of Technology are recognised by all other Universities of Technology in South Africa and to this end the institution operates on a system of external moderators drawn from other Universities of Technology, Universities and Industry. The standards of Mangosuthu University of Technology are closely monitored by the Higher Education Quality Committee (HEQC).
Core Purpose of MUT
To contribute to the advancement of vocation-based education and training that will enhance the country’s skills and competitiveness for the development of humanity. The needs of the community and the RDP are a central focus in all programmes the university undertakes.
Core Values
The university accepts the critical role that social relations play in the success of organisations. It is essential for our future that we adopt and practise a set of shared values that will guide the conduct of everyone in the organisation.
These are our core values:-

  • We will act with integrity in all our interactions with others.
  • We will strive for excellence in what we do.
  • We will seek to create a climate of innovation in the university as a whole.
  • In all our actions we will show respect for others.
  • We will be prepared to take accountability for our conduct.
  • We will support and celebrate the diversity of our community.
  • We will seek to promote self-respect.
  • We will strive to be at the forefront of technology development and transfer