UNIZULU Bursaries , Loans and Scholarships

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UNIZULU Bursaries , Loans and Scholarships


The bursaries administered by the FAO are stated in Below

Information on Bursaries held

Students must inform the FAO about any/all sponsorship (s) they hold. This enables the FAO to properly determine the NSFAS applicant’s financial needs.
2 Application Process

Both the rector’s bursaries and merit bursaries maybe applied for after the student has registered with the University. The relevant notices to invite applications are put on the FAB notice boards right round the campus.
Students are advised to read notices carefully to ensure that they understand all the requirements that relate to the particular bursary.

3. Sponsors’ Letters

Bursary award letters must be submitted to the Financial Aid Bureau two weeks before registration commences. They may be faxed or posted. In the case of bursary holders submitting letters from new sponsors, such sponsors will be subjected to a credit check via the Information Trust Corporation. Only reputable sponsors’ letters will be accepted. Letters from the following sponsors will NOT be accepted.

• Sponsors who do not honour their promises/ commitments.
• Sponsors who have in the past withdrawn their sponsorships without valid justification.
4. Fraudulent Sponsors’ Letters

Serious legal steps will be taken against students who submit fraudulent sponsors’ letters. It is therefore wise not to attempt this practice.

5. Academic Results
Academic results will be forwarded to sponsors regulary (twice yearly).

6. Advertisement of Bursaries 
The FAB advertises information about available bursaries as it becomes available. Advertisements are displayed on the notice boards and are sent to Deans’ offices.

7. Bursary Register  
Copies of the bursary register are kept at the short- loans desk (Reserve) in the Library for use by students. The bursary register contains information about bursaries. Please make use of this document to obtain important and valuable information about financial aid. You are not allowed to remove it from the Library.

Consultation Days and Times

Monday-Thursday @ 10H30 – 16H00, Friday @ 10H30 – 14H00



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