Buffalo City FET College Bursaries

By | September 17, 2019
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Buffalo City FET College Bursaries

You are eligible to apply for the bursary if you are:

  •  A South African citizen.
  • Enrolled or intending to enrol for the NC(V) programmes at any of the 50 public FET colleges in South Africa.
  • In need of financial assistance.
  • Able to demonstrate potential for academic success.

Will students who are awarded bursaries have to pay money back after completion of their studies?


No. TVET College students do not have to pay the money back as it is a bursary allocation and not a loan.

Will the bursary fund cover all eligible students who apply?


No. It is not possible for the bursary to cover all students in the college, due to the limited bursary funding available.

What criteria do the college use to allocate bursaries equitably to deserving students?


Allocation of the bursaries is based on the administration of the Means Test.  The Means Test determines the bursary amount that could be awarded to a student and eligibility of students for the bursary.  Colleges have been trained by the Department of Education, the Provincial Education Departments and NSFAS officials on the requirements and administration of the Means Test.

What are the documents that students have to submit when applying for a bursary?


A certified copy of an Identity Document (ID) of the student, proof of income of parent(s)/ guardian (e.g. copy of salary/pay slip) and an academic record.

If a student has been granted a bursary and does not progress to the next level, is he/she still eligible for a bursary?


No. Students who do not progress in their studies will not be granted a bursary the following year. If he/she repeats the level and passes, he/she may reapply for a bursary.

What items does the bursary allocation cover?


The money may be used to cover college tuition fees, accommodation and transport.

Will all the students who are awarded bursaries receive the same amount?


Students may receive different amounts of bursary funding, depending on their level of need as indicated through the Means Test and depending on the costs that have to be covered.

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