2022 University of Pretoria Online Application Form

By | June 21, 2019

University of Pretoria Online Application Form

Please take note of the following:
1.     You may only submit one application form to the University.
o    If you want to apply for more than one study programme, you must select your first choice as option one and your second choice as option two.
o    Make sure all details are filled in correctly.
o    Make sure you submit a completed form.
o    Changes required after submission, such as a change of address, must be requested in writing from csc@up.ac.za


2.     Each application form has a unique number.
Only one person may use that application form. Each applicant must obtain and use his/her own application form with a unique number.
3.     You can only receive one application form per email.
We assign a specific application form with a specific application number to an email address. You can therefore not register for two or more application forms with a single email address. (Please ensure that you will have access to the email address that you use.)
4.     Once you have completed your PDF APPLICATION FORM, please deliver it to the Student Service Centre.
o    Once your application has been submitted, you may contact the Student Service Centre in writing at csc@up.ac.za if you wish to add any additional information, or make any changes to your application.
o    Please ensure that you have completed your application form and have attached the supporting documents before you deliver the application form to the Client Service Centre.
5.     The University will not accept faxed applications due to quality control considerations with faxed copies.
6.     Ensure that your printer settings are set to A4 when printing your PDF Application Form