Qualitas Career Academy Vaal Campus


Qualitas Career Academy Vaal Campus

Vaal (Vanderbijlpark) Campus

If you’re looking for a college in Vanderbijlpark, this campus in is situated in the heart of South Africa’s money machine: The Vaal Triangle. Located in Vanderbijlpark, expect  the best  surroundings for a quality educational environment, while never feeling out of touch with the industrial powerhouse drives our resilient economy. Study a wide variety of fields at

Qualitas Vaal, including:
  • Business Management
  • Financial Accounting
  • Health & Skincare programmes
  • Hospitality
  • Information Technology
  • Tourism,
  • Office administration
  • Project management
  • Logistics
  • and so much more.

Services available:

  • Full time studies
  • Part time studies
  • Corporate/business consulting & training services
  • Full qualifications (Diploma / certificates)
  • Part qualifications
  • Short courses / skills programmes
  • Evening classes / Saturday classes.


Tel.:  016 932 4499

Email: sales@qualitasvaal.co.za


25 Olifants Rivier Street



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What do we mean by “Career Academy”?

By putting the words “Career Academy” in our name, we remind ourselves every day why we exist. Every effort we make in the field of education is driven by our understanding of why people study in the first place; to find work, or improve their career prospects.

The more employment prospects one has, the higher salary one can expect.

We are a college, a tertiary institution – yet our goal is not simply the certificates or diplomas we issue at graduation ceremonies.  It’s much more than that.

Employment in South Africa

In South Africa, the fear of unemployment grips every South African. Even those with jobs fear the day that they will lose them. The South African national employment statistics may even discourage some people from looking for work.

Even those who are employed, fear looking for something better because they fear that they might fail.

And so – people remain in their situations forever, boxed in by a fear of failure or lack of confidence that life can get better.

Overconfidence in certificates / diplomas / degrees.

You’d probably never hear another college say this:

“Don’t expect a qualification to get you a job”.

How can anybody say that?

Here’s how: Once you’re invited for a job interview – that qualification loses all its power!  the other 5 – 10 candidates on the short-list, also have qualifications.  Suddenly you realise that your qualification was your ticket to the fight…. but now, can you fight?

Those who think that their qualifications will do the talking, stand no chance in the arena if they’re competing against a Qualitas student! No chance. None. Forget it.