Presidency condemns power struggle reports

Pretoria – The Presidency on Friday condemned the toxic narrative promoted in the media that insinuates that President Jacob Zuma is engaged in a certain “war” with Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan.

“The narrative is being peddled in local and foreign media and some sections of business, that the President is fighting his Minister of Finance and the National Treasury department,” said the Presidency.

The purpose of the said “war” is apparently that the President wishes to take control of the National Treasury.

It should be noted, said the Presidency, that the President controls all government departments including National Treasury, as the head of government, and by virtue of the fact that he appoints Ministers and they report to him.

“All government departments also report to the President via their respective Ministers. It is therefore absurd to say that the President would be engaged in a struggle to control a government department that he already controls, and also when he actually controls the whole of government,” the high office said.

The Presidency said the primary objective of the President and government is to unite the nation behind the goals of reigniting growth in order to preserve and create jobs during the difficult economic climate.

“The Presidency trusts that the information peddlers will allow South Africa the space to focus on this national imperative and refrain from the perpetual spreading of false rumours.” –