NBT Test day check list

NBT Test day check list

Test day check list

Get a good nights’ sleep and be sure to have your travel plans firm. You must check in at 7:30.

  • At check-in, you will be given an answer sheet with your name and ID number printed on the back.
  • Once you are seated inside the test room, carefully check the printed name.
  • You will be given instructions by the Chief Invigilator how to make corrections.
  • You must show your official ID to an invigilator before the test begins.
  • Place your ID beside the answer sheet, along with your pencils and eraser.  Everything else must be placed on the floor.

Now you can close your eyes, relax and prepare your mind while you wait for the session to begin. Note that bathroom breaks are not allowed. Plan ahead, and remember that the writing session is 3 hours.

Test Day Check List

You will need  You may not use the following
  • Paid test fees
  • 7:30 AM check-in
  • South African ID booklet or passport
  • Sharpened pencils (2) and eraser
  • Lunch and water
  • calculator
  • ruler
  • dictionary
  • scrap paper
  • notebooks
  • smart phones, ipads, Tabs