BAC Travel and Tourism

BAC Travel and Tourism


Programme Overview

Effective September 2011 BAC now offers a degree in Travel and Tourism in conjunction with the University of Derby (UK). The move by the college to offer the travel and tourism programme is a welcome development given the fact that the government has identified tourism as an important option for economic diversification. Furthermore tourism has also been identified as a tool for sustainable development and poverty alleviation particularly for rural communities. Despite the emphasis on tourism as an option for economic diversification, The Botswana Tourism Master Plan (2000) identified poor product diversification as one of the major weaknesses of the tourism product. The tourism programme offered seeks to close the aforementioned gaps by providing students with theoretical and practical knowledge in areas of tourism research, destination management and cultural and sociological issues of tourism. In addition the Programme addresses critical tourism industry skills needs in business management, conservation and environmental sustainability

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The Programme aims to

  • To empower students to adapt to changing patterns of employment
  • To offer students an opportunity for a supervised work placement experience within the travel and tourism environment
  • To produce graduates who possess the skills and knowledge to become successful lifelong students
  • To progressively develop a wide range of transferrable skills


Entry Requirements

For the Bridging program, BAC requires BGCSE / IGCSE Certificate holders with a minimum of BB in the following subject combinations;

Maths / English

Maths / Commerce

Accounting / English

Accounting / Commerce

Holders of A levels are exempt from the bridging program

Career Opportunities

Upon Completion of the programme students will have gained management and analytical skills to work in

  • National tourist offices
  • Event Management Companies
  • Local Tourism Departments
  • Travel agencies and Tour Operators
  • Consultancy
  • Enterprise development in the tourism sector
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Programme Structure

Bridging program

The course commences with a three months bridging programme to allow the students to be registered for the BA Travel and Tourism Programme with University of Derby upon successful completion of the programme.

YEAR 1  
Semester 1 Semester 2
Destination awareness Insight and Appreciation Global marketing and Promotion
Understanding Human Resources Management Professional Development 1: Tourism Management
Travel and Tourism Industry, Its Operations and Industry Skills Understanding Responsible Travel and Tourism Operations
Research and Academic Skills Principles of Finance
YEAR 2  
Semester 1 Semester 2
Tourism Economics Themes and Ideas in Culture Tourism and leisure (Option)
Research Methods Managing People
International Marketing and promotion Emerging Tourism Markets Products and Destinations
Culture and heritage Tourism Product management (Option) GIS Mapping and its Application (Option)
Professional Development 2: Tourism Management Destination Studies (Option)
  Corporate Events     (Option)
YEAR 3  
Semester 1 Semester 2
Policy Planning for Tourism, leisure and Sport Risk Management
Applied Economics HRM and Business Strategy (Option)
Cultural Tourism 2 (Option) Rural Tourism (Option)
Advanced Consumer Behaviour (Option) Professional Development Contemporary Issues
Independent Studies Independent Studies
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